Background reading

Background knowledge is often imperative when you work with a specific subject or area. If you and your class work with fiction texts about young people in the UK, it may be useful to read a bit about the school system there. Or if you and your group want to do a project on the Vietnam War and its impact on film and literature, you may want to read up on the Beat Generation. Or again, if you are going to write an essay on horror stories, it might help you to know more about the psychoanalytic criticism.

There are plenty of ways to gain some background on a subject – you may talk to someone who knows more about the subject than you, you may browse the internet and find reliable sources or you may read background material such as articles or books on the subject.

To help you get started we have asked specialists to write articles suited for Danish students about a variety of subjects which you will find here. The amount of material will continuously grow, so check the articles out and let us know if you need something in specific.